av Marius Wallin

I had to interrupt a writing session, just to write this blog about interruptions. I guess you have been interrupted before, while doing some work you believe is necessary or even fun. That experience I have had many times before, but now I have learned how to block them out or deal with them in an appropriate way. But sometimes I get a little more “peeved”, and that’s why I am writing this now.

Sellers who preach selling don´t know when to stop or how to deal with people. You may be provoked by this statement, but that is what I believe about sellers. A lady was calling me after I had declined their newsletter, a newsletter which I did´t subscribe to. Few hours later she calls to talk about her offer, and sell her merchandise. I told here that the offer is not appropriate to our business, and that I have to continue doing great work for my company, a message that was interrupted before I had finished it.

I prefer to be polite, but I had to hang up without saying goodbye. Which I think is the lesson of the story. Sometimes you just have to say bye, hang up, go away, look another way, start talking about something else .. so you can continue doing work that matters.